Consulting Process

The goal of our consultations is to gather necessary information in order to adequately assess corrosion factors and develop a solution. Each customer will receive thorough and detailed information in order to make next-step decisions. From one-day visits to experts on retainer, each consultation typically includes the following steps.

Our Consulting Services

We offer a broad range of consulting services involving:

  • Alloys and composites
  • Application techniques and challenges
  • Coating failure evaluation and prevention
  • Coating storage and handling
  • Corrosion cause investigation and mitigation
  • Manufacturing plants and field sites
  • Personnel training

Information Analysis

All the data gathered undergoes extensive analysis by our team back at our facilities. We analyze the causes of the corrosion issue and develop a report outlining possible solutions to the problem.

Detailed Reporting

We provide the customer with a detailed report of the issues we find. Within our report, we also include various options and recommendations for mitigating or resolving the underlying issues.

Information Collection

We perform a one-day on-site visit to research and collect all the information needed to conduct a thorough analysis of the conditions related to the issue. Consultant visits include investigation of the affected manufacturing plant, shop, shipyard, or other field sites where corrosion issues require attention.

Why Consult With Elinor Coatings, LLC?

At Elinor Coatings, LLC, we are experts in galvanic corrosion and surface protection. If corrosion is causing problems for your product or process, receive answers quickly and save valuable time and money with a quote conveniently tailored to your situation.
Costs for initial consulting services are an hourly rate, including travel expenses. Secondary, follow-up visits, or extra services are available for an additional fee. Contact us today to receive top quality consulting services.

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