Research Services

Dr. Dante Battocchi leads our research and development team at Elinor Coatings, LLC. Dr. Battocchi received a degree of doctor in materials engineering from the University of Trento, Italy. He received additional degrees from North Dakota State University (NDSU): M.S. in polymers and coatings and a PhD in materials and nanotechnology. Dr. Battocchi is a corrosion professor at NDSU and is co-inventor of the first magnesium-based chromium-free primer for aluminum in the world.

Elinor Coatings, LLC provides research services for galvanic corrosion and specialty coating solutions for one-piece customer projects to multi-year contracts with the Air Force. As experts in the design and development of anti-corrosion and surface protection compounds, we are committed to continuously developing innovative products that serve as safer, greener, and more durable alternatives to the legacy products available in the market.

Equipped with extensive experience and knowledge and a full-service research laboratory, our team has the tools necessary to tackle virtually every corrosion issue, including multi-metal corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and other forms of rust or degradation.

We are equipped to handle multi-task federally-funded research projects with and without university research partners and are federally compliant in accounting, reporting and security.

Coatings Development

  • Formulation
  • Scale-up 5 gal/20 liters
  • Optimization
  • Testing
  • Chemical sourcing
  • Hazmat regulations
  • SDS/Reach Compliance
  • Sourcing Toll Manufacturing

We can help you with technology transfer from another research institution or optimize an existing idea or formulation to suit your needs and guide you through the toll manufacturing landscape.

Corrosion and Coatings Consulting

The goal of our consultations is to gather firsthand information about our customer’s situation to adequately assess corrosion factors and develop a solution.We give each customer the information necessary to make an informed decision about their next steps.

We can help you with:

  • Corrosion Causes and Mitigation
  • Application techniques/challenges
  • Understanding Alloys/Composites
  • Determining Coatings Failure