Protect your waterfront equipment or industrial operation from invasive Zebra or Quagga Mussels.

Out Muscle the Mussels…


Protect your aluminum assets with this award-winning aluminum primer. Chromium-free, easy to work with, outstanding performance.

Kick Chromium…


Maintain and preserve metal art and architecture long-term with this proven reversible clearcoat.

Brighten your Bronze…

B2B Commercial and Wholesale

Our high performance coatings come standard in 1 gallon kits for easy handling or in packaging up to 50 gallon drums for your larger needs. Large quantity discounts and wholesale pricing is available with a minimum order of 10 gallons. Distributors interested in Elinor products should contact us at 701-499-3635 or sales@elinorcorp.com.


Small Quantities and Samples

Our products come packaged in small sizes and sample sizes for both retail and testing. All of our two-component coatings come in 8 oz and 32 oz (quart) sizes. We also have convenient high performance aerosol cans for Aluma45® and BronzeShield®. Samples can be purchased online or by sending a PO to sales@elinorcorp.com. The purchase price includes a coupon for that amount toward a future full-size order.

Shipping & Handling

We ship all product FedEx 2-day ground unless otherwise arranged. All orders must be sent to a physical address with an adequate climate controlled facility in places of extreme heat or cold. Our standard shipping applies to continental North America (including Canada and Mexico).  Please inquire for locations outside of this region.