Thank you for exploring a career in research and coatings. Whether you are studying polymers, coatings, chemistry, engineering, or some other related field, we encourage you to explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary applied research in real-world settings.


Elinor Coatings was founded to push science to create a more sustainable approach to new materials development. Students in our labs learn how to work creatively but systematically. You will learn lab safety and organization, and apply your coursework to a real research workplace.

Our Research Internships give you responsibility and accountability. You learn to formulate coatings, operate instruments, follow standardized testing protocols, and record and interpret data.

Talk to your advisor about earning credits for your semester or year-long internship with us.

We are conveniently located in the NDSU Research and Technology Park in modern, comfortable facilities.

Our Research Internships are paid $12-18/hr depending on your experience and year in school. We have undergraduate, graduate, and recent grad options.

Job Description INTERN Research Assistant 2021

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