Galvanic Corrosion, coating adhesion and substrate evaluation

Is galvanic corrosion, coating adhesion, hexavalent chromium replacements or substrate evaluation frustrating you?

We are experts in the behavior and protection of aluminum and lightweight metals. Fasteners, joints, composites, alloys, surface prep and coatings systems are what we study, test and improve. We perform research for the U.S. Air Force. Let us help you solve your challenges, too.


Seawater, corrosion and fouling

Yachts, ferries and littoral combat ships have one thing in common: lots of aluminum surrounded by saltwater. Any marine vessel deals with the harsh and corrosive environment of daily operation and the maintenance and safety challenges that come with it. Let us evaluate your current maintenance practices and recommend methods, products and materials that will improveĀ  your performance and your bottom line.

Metal Conservation

Environmental degradation, graffiti, deterioration

Art and architectural elements made from metal alloys face unique challenges in today's world. Solutions for easier and safer surface treatments and cleaning as well as education on materials and public placement is on ongoing challenge for artists, maintenance teams and conservators. We can help you develop your maintenance protocol or create specialized products for your restoration or conservation product.

Oil & Gas

Surface pipeline and downhole tubing corrosion

Metal in contact with water and chemicals creates a corrosion battle that is difficult to navigate. Whether it's galvanic, stress, oxygen, crevice, sweet or sour corrosion, regardless of the substrate or the purpose, we can help you evaluate the situation and determine what can be done to reduce the economic and environmental threats corrosion poses in oil and gas fields. We have one-of-a-kind downhole tubing testing as well as advanced laboratory testing capabilities.