Our Vision

We provide novel solutions to corrosion, degradation and fouling. We want our expertise in materials and coatings to influence the way the world thinks about using and protecting our natural resources. Our company prioritizes building a team full of diverse backgrounds, experience and personalities, as we believe the world is stronger when diversified.

Our Story and Commitment

Our founders recognized a need for knowledge about galvanic corrosion and specialty coatings that used the latest know-how to provide greener, safer, better protection. Additionally, provide active, safe, protection for our modern world. We started with the need to rid the world of hexavalent chromium. Used extensively as a corrosion inhibitor, hexavalent chromium is one of the toxic heavy metals on the global list of carcinogens and pollutants; poisons, toxins and carcinogens can be replaced with modern engineered solutions that better understand alloys and the environment.

Meet our founders

Holly Anderson is Co-founder and CEO of Elinor Coatings. She also manages her family farm in northern Minnesota where she recently transitioned 400 acres of cropland to certified organic status. She is an active member of Rotary and a volunteer response team member for ShelterBox, a disaster relief organization headquartered in the UK. She is an alumna of Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) and NDSU (Fargo, ND) where she studied Spanish, Russian, and Communication.

Dr Dante Battocchi received a degree of doctor in materials engineering from the University of Trento, Italy, and a M.S. in polymers and coatings and PhD in materials and nanotechnology from North Dakota State University (NDSU – Fargo, ND). Dr Battocchi is a corrosion professor at NDSU and is co-inventor of the first magnesium-based chromium-free primer for aluminum in the world. Dr Battocchi leads all research and development at Elinor Coatings, LLC. He previously served as an agent with the Italian State Police.

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