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What We Do

At Elinor Coatings, we focus our efforts on creating quality anti-corrosion and surface protection solutions. We provide clean, easy and durable solutions to corrosion, degradation and fouling on both commercial and personal property through contract research, on-site consulting and product development.

Our highly-qualified scientists have globally recognized expertise in lightweight and specialty metals. We are constantly researching, evaluating and testing materials using both laboratory and real-world situations in order to provide answers or create products. All Elinor Coatings products made in the USA with the most sustainable supply chain of quality raw materials we can source.


Protect your waterfront equipment or industrial operation from invasive Zebra or Quagga Mussels.


Protect your aluminum assets with this award-winning primer originally developed for the U.S. Department of Defense. Chromium-free, easy to work with, outstanding performance.


Maintain and preserve metal art and architecture long-term with this proven reversible and removable-on-demand ultra-low voc clearcoat.

Award-winning research

Our products have won SBIR/SBA Tech Connect National Innovation Awards and were a National Finalist of the 2017 CleanTech OpenCompetition. Our technology is included in the international libraries of Material Connexion. Our co-founders are graduates of the SBA Emerging Leaders and were part of the U.S. delegation to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. We’ve presented at multiple 1 Million Cups, part of the Kauffman Foundation, and we’re part of the North Dakota State University Technology Park.

Elinor was founded in 2006 by a materials engineer and an organic farmer, both of whom are believers in permaculture and love the great outdoors. We believe that we have all the tools we need to work with nature, to make the world better for all who inhabit it and to solve some of the most frustrating issues we all have related to corrosion, degradation and fouling to protect the amazing machines, structures and world we’ve created.